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logo stepping stones element“THRIVE for Life: The New YOU Awaits”

Are you ready to see what your future can be like?  Are you open to explore the possibilities that can transform your life right now?  This program may hold the key for you.

The THRIVE for Life program is designed to deliver emotional and practical support through coaching, mentoring and guidance.  You’ll learn how to elevate your mindset, expand your view of the world, as well as shift limiting beliefs so they no longer hold you back.  As you move through this program at your own pace, you’ll be introduced to strategies and techniques that will help you adapt to changes that naturally occur in divorce, create your own magnificent vision of the future and implement inspired action plans that move you forward with ease and grace.  The elements to this program are specifically designed so you can move gently, yet purposefully, through them while making conscious choices that will ignite a fire within and set you on your unique path toward a spectacular new life.  Just imagine … in a relatively short time you could make some dramatic changes—starting your next chapter more in control of your destiny and empowered to be your best.

I am your guide every step of the way.  Regardless of whether you choose to work independently through this program online, join a group or work one-on-one directly with me, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other like-minded women who are on a similar journey.  Many clients talk about their fear of isolation after divorce.  The option to engage with other women allows you additional support, the potential for new accountability partners and maybe even to make new friends.  The power of the group dynamic is amazing—and you get to harness that power and celebrate your achievements with people who get you. You’re not alone! You’re never alone.  The support you want and the inspiration you need are here for you.  Isn’t it time for you to do something for which your future self will thank you?  

THRIVE for Life is the first step to finding more clarity, perspective and balance. I offer three levels of support to fit your needs and they are described for you below.

Once you’ve reviewed the options and have a sense which one is best for you, then schedule a personal, complimentary chat with me to help you figure out the best next inspired action to take.  I’ll be happy to schedule a convenient time to talk with you.

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logo stepping stones element“Do-it-Yourself” Online Option

Thrive for Life - The New YOU Awaits LogoThe THRIVE for Life: The New YOU Awaits program is available as an online course, with self-paced modules.  It is a voice-guided, step-by-step program with all elements available in downloadable formats so you have a reference for years to come.  Whenever you need a little boost of inspiration or you get stuck in a rut, you’ll have resources to help you move quickly to a better place. There are Activity Guides, audio recordings to guide your progress and printable transcripts that help you navigate your path to become the best you can be.

This approach to coaching is well-suited to the highly motivated and disciplined woman, who can keep herself on pace to complete the program with little direction.

Bonus: You have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive Facebook group, created for like-minded women on a similar path.  This group offers ongoing support, accountability and coaching, is your option to join and is included as a bonus with your investment.

Benefits of this package:  This approach to coaching provides a self-paced online environment, with virtual group support.

Are you a motivated woman who knows that she needs guidance and new tools and techniques, along with some virtual support, and is willing and able to work at her own pace and ask questions if she needs additional help?  Then this approach could be just the solution you’re looking for.  To ensure that this program is a good fit for you, I always recommend that you spend a brief call with me to answer any questions you may have. If you want to chat, click the button below to request a complimentary Discovery Session.

Complimentary Discovery Session


logo stepping stones elementVision-to-Reality Group

Group Coaching ImageTHRIVE for Life: The New YOU Awaits online program is the basis for the Vision-to-Reality Group coaching|mentoring option and offers a “done with you” approach. This six-month program offers 12 group calls, which are your source for emotional and practical support.  You will participate in activities and utilize resources that will help you strengthen your mindset, create a compelling vision, explore new possibilities and discover what you’re passionate about achieving in the next chapter of your life, as you follow the step-by-step online program.

The value of this approach is in the twice-monthly group coaching calls, which offer you on-going personal support, as well as the benefit of sharing experiences and insights with the other group members as we meet on a conference line.  You’ll also get exclusive access to the call recordings and additional resource materials to further support your on-going journey.

Bonus 1:  One 30-minute, private coaching|mentoring session with me, which can be scheduled at a time of your choice within your enrollment period.

Bonus 2: You are also invited to join the by-invitation-only Facebook group, exclusively for like-minded women on a similar path, which offers additional support and coaching, and is your option to join.

Benefits of this package:  This approach is ideal for those who need more support than doing the online program alone, and who appreciate hearing and sharing stories with other women on similar journeys. It’s an opportunity to get a different perspective from those who have been where you are and to help others through sharing your experiences and thoughts.

Do you feel the need for a bit more guidance as you navigate this path you’re on?  Would you appreciate having a personal guide, plus others who get what you’re going through and can help you design the life you deserve? Then we’re here to help and the Vision-to-Reality Group option may be the best solution for you.  To get started, please request a complimentary Discovery Session. 

Complimentary Discovery Session

logo stepping stones elementTLC Private Coaching|Mentoring

Meeting one-on-one with someone who has been where you are and understands what you want to accomplish may be the quickest way to get where you’re going.  We can meet by phone from the comfort of your home or office, so you get the most personal and customized coaching, mentoring and guidance available. Meeting every two weeks for 6 months, I will lovingly encourage and calmly inspire you to stretch more than you can reach, stay on track with the program and join you in celebrating your successes.  I will be your coach, mentor and accountability partner, as I offer implementation strategies at each meeting, ensuring that you are moving foMTK-black1_whiterward with grace and ease.

Bonus 1:  With TLC Private Coaching the THRIVE for Life: The New YOU Awaits program is the foundation upon which your private sessions are based.  This approach allows you to move through the steps of the program at your own pace, while receiving personalized guidance at every turn. This private coaching package is designed to guide you through the full program, and support your transformation from where you are today to where you want to be.

Bonus 2: You get to join any or all of the Vision-to-Reality Group sessions during your 6 months as part of your enrollment in TLC Private Coaching.

Bonus 3: You will have full eMail access to me between coaching calls, for additional support.

Bonus 4: You’ll have the option to join the program’s exclusive Facebook group so you can ask questions, get more personal coaching, as well as engage with other women who are on similar paths.

Benefits of this package:  This approach offers the highest level of personal support to get you off to the fastest start as your journey beginsIt offers you a built-in support system and the opportunity to make new friends, as well as find other accountability partners with whom you can share and celebrate your progress.

If TLC Private Coaching | Mentoring feels like the best fit for you, please request a complimentary Discovery Session with me so we can schedule a convenient time to meet, answer any questions and get you started on your path to the new YOU.  

Complimentary Discovery Session